It is only natural that we should harbour escapist tendencies. Modern society exerts heavy pressures on us which we should like to run away from.

However, the escape may demand a higher toll than the irritation we wish to get rid of. It may be in drugs, booze, over-eating and the many other addictions that make us forget temporarily the world we are living in.

Evading issues may come also in a less obnoxious form. How many of us are not dreaming of withdrawing in a cottage against a hillside with a splendid view, far from the complexity and demands of society?

Escapism takes on so many forms. It may be quite harmless if one is aware of its nature. If its excrescences are not checked, it may cause us to do foolish things, or make us fall into habits which we shall have to pay a heavy penalty for ultimately.


4 thoughts on “Escapism

  1. At one time or another, each of us wishes for escape from something — work, responsibility, pain, vices, bills, or simply the mundane monotony of day-to-day life. Some of us take our escape through daydreaming, others through media (books, music, television), some through games, while still others travel. This list is certainly not exhaustive of all escape is more than a momentary diversion, then we need to give heed…the following quote, while dealing with fear, does fit within the context of escape if the avenue chases a deeper context.

    “A man who flies from his fear may find he has only taken a shortcut to meet it.”
    –J.R.R. Tolkien

  2. Interesting. I am contemplating if the desire to “escape” is propelled by the feeling of “captivity”. In other words, if we chose to regress from things that mentally/physically captivate us then the need to escape would not exist.

    Why do we allow ourselves to get “stuck”?

  3. I think we make the same point. Read back to your first and second paragraphs (within your original article) where you speak of heavy pressures and the demand for escape posing a higher toll — i.e. drugs, etc. The individual has used his/her escape (fleeing) from a problem (captivity) felt to be so great it can’t be faced. However, the result, in this case, yields a destination of much greater severity and one that smacks of the reality of the original circumstance. While it may not seem that way during the high (the escape) because we feel the artificial state of peace and freedom. However, when the ‘high’ leaves us, and the circumstance from which we needed the escape returns, it becomes a perpetuating cycle that requires more and more of the drug to get the same state of freedom. Many times we find the result a much more serious situation with a much higher cost — it may take a while before we hit bottom and realize this, of course.

    This is exactly the point I offer with the quote…the need to escape didn’t really get us anywhere at all. You are correct, if we paid more attention to the details going in and thought things through, we wouldn’t allow or set ourselves up to get ‘stuck’.

    What I didn’t say within my post was that all escape was because of such serious captivity. For most of us, it remains a diversion from the day-to-day monotony and a simple and creative mechanism from which to energize and refuel to move forward with productivity and success. We need to take ‘siestas’ more often!

  4. I agree. One of the uneasy things about this need to “escape” is that the internet is becoming the universal segue to do so. just outside of our lifetime the Matrix Theory will be a absolute reality and “real life” will become theory.

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