Palin's Close up

While watching the Sarah Palin interviews with Couric Thursday night, and the coverage of the Palin phenomenon in general, I’ve gotten the scary feeling, for the second time in my life (politically speaking, first time was Bush-punk bitch), that dimwittedness is not just on the march in the U.S., but that it might actually prevail.

How is it that this woman could have been selected to be the vice presidential candidate on a major party ticket? How is it that so much of the mainstream media has dropped all pretense of seriousness to hop aboard the bandwagon and go along for the giddy ride?

For those who haven’t noticed, we’re electing a president and vice president, not selecting a winner on “American Idol.”

Ms. Palin may be a perfectly competent and reasonably intelligent woman (however troubling her views on evolution and global warming may be), but she is not ready to be vice president.

With most candidates for high public office, the question is whether one agrees with them on the major issues of the day. With Ms. Palin, it’s not about agreeing or disagreeing. She doesn’t appear to understand some of the most important issues.

Her battle up is coming October 3rd – get’er Biden!!

Part I

Part II

Palin “Come Back”


2 thoughts on “Palin's Close up

  1. You just can’t do anything other than shake your head. How did America get to this point — she doesn’t put endings on words, she regurgitates exactly what Couric says in her feeble attempt at a response, tripping over her own tongue and stumbling through topics she obviously knows little about. Perhaps not quite as bad as the beauty queen bimbo video posted earlier in your blog, but she is definitely a close second. She does so harm to women…she needs to go away!!

  2. Yea aka babbling idiot is a piece of work. This is a keen example of what McCain will do to try to “win”. He picked Palin to try and capture the Hilary overtures at the expense of his political competency.

    A fool’s mistake will always cost more than a humble education.

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