Blow Bubbles

Its a big world out there but who are we fooling. Only a few of us realize that there is more to the world than what we are used to.We make our life a daily routine and blow small things out proportion so that they seem more important.

We go to the same places, eat at the same restaurants, and see the same people. We always complain that everything is so ‘routine’ but we have difficulty admitting that we’re afraid of new things. It’s like we’re inside a bubble we’ve created and thats the whole world to us. There are other places to go, other places to dine in, and other people to meet.

When we feel suffocated we suddenly ‘burst’ out and do stupid things but when things calm down we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory and retreat back to our bubble. Its time we try to slowly expand our small world. Lets blow these bubbles!


8 thoughts on “Blow Bubbles

  1. Thing is, most people don’t plan for ‘blowing bubbles’…living in complacency and accepting status quo. These folks find comfort in this ‘zone’.

    There are others of us who ‘live’ for exploration, adventure and living life on the edge, yet still manage successfully to satisfy daily responsibilities and obligatory requirements. We set the course and can, from time to time, guide others somewhat outside their bubbles; knowing they will always retreat back. And perhaps that’s o.k….can you imagine a world where everyone wanted to lead, dream the impossible, have the vision, and constantly drive change. Tiny bubbles for some….crazy big for others!!

  2. Hmmmm. Not sure I can imagine not one single bubble at any point in a lifetime. I counter with asking you to define a bubble. I am sure the parameters would be of equal argument as ‘bubbles or no bubbles’.

  3. Sure, my point was if we didn’t profess to endorse these transparent fields of thought, how far could on truly go? The possibilities are endless…

    The irony is; the things we call “walls” are merely just bubbles. We think they protect stuff from coming in and no one can see “in” when in fact, it keeps us from getting out, and EVERYONE can see right through it all.

  4. Hmmmm. Interesting! So it seems then you are defining a bubble in the most simplest terms as a transparent field. When burst, we stand ‘naked’, if you will, before the world? A transparent field where we live, naively behind the wall assuming safety and security? While I very much get and concur that those who know us well see beyond these walls and love the idiosyncrasies that define who we really are. If a person of integrity, honesty and commitment, these bubbles allow us only to rejuvenate, reflect and ready to ride a crazy new bubble of impossibilities and dreams. I would further offer that each of us, probably at some time, maintains a tiny bubble within others that we tuck ourselves when we need this period of quiet reflection. Of course, our inner circle of family and friends, and colleagues most trusted, see beyond — not thinking less of us, rather giving us a bit of space. As someone who can’t stand, doesn’t want, couldn’t live without the new, the exciting and the most challenging, I live to burst bubbles and set new paths. Further, I confess to having a tiny bubble that most of the world doesn’t know and will never get. Those who ‘take the time’ to get to know me will see beyond. Those who care will spend the extra time to poke and share even the most intimate reflection.

  5. Lol, only “tiny” bubbles?! I agree with your response, still I emphasize that we think that even within our “bubbles” or presumptions thereof, they are transparent. My noted comments note that WE make bubbles more so to keep stuff out than in…thus we “think” no one knows what we are up to, when in fact those in our stratosphere can clearly see what we think we hold sacred.

    Let me know if supporting examples are needed…lol 🙂

  6. Touche! Maybe ‘tiny’ wasn’t the most accurate assessment. With that said, I see your point and raise you…perhaps a look in the mirror…lol

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