Expressions of love

When you are in love with someone it is good to think of new and exciting ways to express your feelings for them. Creative expression of love makes for an interesting and fun relationship.

Love can be expressed in various ways ranging from physical expressions of love to loving words or gestures. Hugs and holding hands are simple yet meaningful ways to show your partner that you love them. Just putting your arm around the person that you care about means so much. Not to mention how a kiss makes a person feel. So much love can be expressed in a kiss.

Often just a glance can tell a person that you love them. There is a certain look in a person’s eyes when they are in love and it is very obvious. It is almost a dreamy look of total bliss and peace. A smile can say a lot too. Even a wink is a way to express to someone that you are attracted to him or her. Winking is a sort of sexy and mysterious gesture, which leaves a person wondering what the other person is thinking. When a wink is combined with a smile, it can be a very powerful way to tell someone that you are interested and attracted. Body language plays a big part in expressing attraction for another person.

With regard to loving gestures, there are many things a person can do to express their love for a person. Love notes, sexy voicemail messages, cards and letters are all some of the popular ways to express love. Also, a person can do loving things like make a romantic meal or picnic for their loved one. Everyone loves good food combined with a romantic setting if possible. Sometimes just to go somewhere romantic to talk is nice, like a park, wooded trail or near a lake or beach. It is always romantic to sit by the water together and just hug each other or talk.

Going out on a romantic date is a good way to express love for a person. Take your partner to their favorite restaurant and enjoy some great food together with a glass of wine and a fancy dessert! Make your lover some cookies or their favorite pie and sit and talk while having pie and coffee or cookies and milk. There are many romantic things you can do with your lover involving good food and drinks. Be creative and see what happens. Make your partner a smoothie or a milkshake and watch a movie at home together. Make some popcorn or buy a bunch of your favorite candy together to eat while watching your favorite television show together.

Decorate the bedroom with flowers and candles and play some soft music. Cuddle up on the bed or couch together. Sometimes its cool to just play and mess up the bed!

Share some quality time with the person that you love. All these things show your partner that you love them. Take time for your relationship. Make time for each other and nurture the love you share. Let your creative side run wild as you express all the ways that you love your partner!


7 thoughts on “Expressions of love

  1. All good points, Dimitri, and critical to growing a new and lasting love. True love is about being comfortable to ‘just be’ with your partner. There is significant expression in the ability to quietly co-exist without the show of gifts or words. True love can’t be bought or talked in to. It demands intimacy in knowing the one you love — knowing their wants, needs, desires, dreams, what brings pleasure — and sharing the joy in each. What is critical is the honest exchange of feelings and who we are — being comfortable to intimately share the vulnerability as well as strengths. It requires trust in one another and growing together to an existence of bliss and the pleasure of giving.

  2. The expression of true love to me is all about the most simplest of gestures in day to day life from my significant other such as: putting down the toilet seat and replacing the role of T.P.when it gets empty; volunteering to wash the dishes after I had cooked us dinner, being able to share comfortable silence,listen to me vent a little if I had a bad day(or at least nod agreeably to give me the illusion that my partner is listening to me)without concentrating on trying to fix the problem; he respects the fact that I am not in the mood to have sex some nights and just holds me until I fall asleep(then sneaks off in to the other room and quietly jerk-offs to some on-line porn); brings home or points out things that he thinks I might like(b/c he knows me that well and always on his mind); most importantly, he is willing to go on tampon store-runs if I am having monster-bitch cramps that weak. All in all, these are just the easiest of daily gestures of true love in my opinion.

  3. simply: I do not expect anymore that I am not willing to do myself… with the exception of going on tampon-runs for my man and literaly jerking-off(no penis…sorry)

    Firm believer of reciprocity over here whoo! whoo!

  4. “I BELIEVE relationships are creative. They should create opportunities not obligations. Opportunities for growth and self expression in the smooth and the rocky times alike.”

    I love this statement because life modifies itself continuously. Yes, change can sometimes create some stress because the idea (or whatever it may be) it may be foreign to the individual(s). If you want to grow with the person, I say welcome it/them with open arms!

    The individuals in the relationship should complement one another! Also, sharing is important; that includes ideas, friends, secrets, etc. Remaining an individual but compromising and finding the balance, something that will satisfy the individuals involved. It’s amazing how loved ones(sincere friends) are more accepting when you open up to them!….For me, these are the true expressions of love!

  5. KH,

    Thank you, and your response was enlightening. Your right, sincere individuals DO accept you more once you open up! Amazing…lol

    I myself, have recognized that I have an emotional callus that’s thicker in some areas than others. I carry the emotional weight of past transgressions and I have allowed it to impact (good or bad) my subsequent relationships.

    I am MUCH better at managing/letting go of such things, but as always I am a work in progress.

  6. No,thank you Dimitri! 🙂

    That’s great that you’re one-aware of the areas that you want to improve and two-taking the necessary steps to make sure your change is manifested. Would you care to elaborate?

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