Black + White = Racism

Those who think racism doesn’t exist are those not victimized by it and/or those excused by white privilege.  How can you think that racism doesn’t exist if:

•The total US population of whites is greater than that of blacks (5:1), but yet blacks make up more of the incarcerated population (8:1).  In other words there are more locked up blacks than free ones in any given state in the United States

•Whites seem to contend blacks behavior and so called violence but yet own the media companies that make and distribute such material

•Whites seem to contend blacks seemingly violent behavior but are responsible for over 94% of all beatings and deaths of blacks once in judicial custody

•Even though blacks are one of the largest consumer groups in the world, we still only have about 5 feet off isle space in Walmart in the hair products section

•The judicial system gives “black” drug dealers more time in jail than white pedophiles

•Blacks are still “groomed” for entertainment (sports, rappers, comedians, actors, etc…) instead of meaningful careers or entrepreneurship

•Not ONE black man’s face exist on ANY type of judicial, commemorative, or legislative coin, medal, or statuette

•Whites think it’s cute to teach their kids, “not to see color” but blacks cannot

•Even thought Obama’s mother is white, he is still called a black man

•Even though McCain is a complete moron, he is still somehow in a dead heat with a very intelligent black man

•Even if you not black but mixed with black, you still considered black.  I am second generation Cuban and my best friend is Belizean, but we are still black

•I still have to wear business attire to get service at luxury car dealer

•By the way I don’t even like fried chicken…

I myself am not racist, just aware.  Don’t worry the tides will change, white people have recessive genes thus the more they/we mix the more they will dissipate.  In the next couple of lifetimes (if the world doesn’t blow its self up) you will see that almost all people will be of color and to be white will be a rarity.


3 thoughts on “Black + White = Racism

  1. You know, you can predict those topics from which most will quietly tip toe away simply because the discussion is uncomfortable and not ‘pleasant’. Racism is not something we can will away; For those who live it daily, for those whose family know first hand the hate, the inequities, you can’t remove the pain or scars…the reality is far worse…we can’t ignore facts and we can’t wait for someone else to bring resolution.

    Complacency, fear and ignorance perpetuate most problems. Each of us has the power to impact change — we can’t just ‘be aware’, we need to act…having the difficult conversations, pointing out inequities, not tolerating injustice, and demanding equitable systems and services are all a path in the right direction.

    Most importantly, teaching and modeling what is right is critical. We can’t assume our children understand and know a different path — teach children to respect themselves and others — respect people for who they are and what they stand for. Celebrate uniqueness in each of us! Teach our children the past and present wrongs, and where change must be demanded…teaching hatred, teaching indifference, teaching greed and doing nothing continues the cycle. Teach what got us here, teach the path forward, teach tolerance, teach compassion, teach integrity and responsibility…We can’t remove the past, but we can change what is now!

    While I agree with your dissipation theory….I offer we can add to that education (teaching) as a concurrent strategy.

  2. While the thematic change “sounds” good, I challenge a proposition for each of the issues mentioned above. I also state that sure “we” can change, but how much can I change outside of being the skin color I am?

    Does a given party have to bear the greatest burden of change or do you think the onus is equal?

  3. You know, I could go through each of the above issues in singularity acknowledging the wrong, the ignorance, the intolerable, and proposing a strategy to get at the issue, but the bottom line is it takes changing thought and acceptance. I believe that. It begins in the home and in schools — both natural portals for teaching and modeling. Over time, mindsets are shifted and behaviors changed. The proposed fix you request would be a short term installation that would return to known behavior if not grounded in education and longer term modeling.

    Acceptance comes in so many forms — from the extreme of doing nothing to choosing to model and support the behavior. Change takes time, it takes purposeful driving and commitment, it takes knowledge and it takes wisdom. It may sound trite, which is not at all my intention. I truly believe the foundation is education — teaching, modeling, driving, committing. I acknowledge it will take time to have impact — but it can’t begin if we don’t start.

    Change is not about culpable assumption at 100% — it’s give and take. Sometimes my investment and burden is far greater than yours, other times it shifts and you bear the greater weight. I’m talking generality here, but the process remains.

Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data, ability to repeat discredited memes, and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Also, be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor even implied. Any irrelevancies you can mention will also be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous :)

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