The Fight

A good fighter isn’t the person that hits the hardest, its the person that can get hit hard and get back up.

-Dimitri Snowden


5 thoughts on “The Fight

  1. I would say that a good fighter is someone who uses his or her mind and intellect to resolve issues–hence, the need to “get hit hard and to get back up” won’t exist. Of course, this thought reflects your entry from a literal standpoint. Not as a conceptual metaphor…

  2. Interesting, but even from a literal perspective, there is no issue to “resolve”. In fighting, there are no problem/solution scenarios. It’s more a if/then environment with progressionary and regressionary graduations.

    “If” he punches, “then” I block…

    Additional, this can easily be transitioned to a concept, such as the fight in cancer, a fight in the ring, fighting for custody. Its all “if/then” – not “problem/solution”.

  3. ummm yea there is a literal fight when dealing with cancer. u lose that fight, u lose life. ever see anyone die of cancer? if u had, u know the mistake in using that as an example.

    and of course, anything can be be described from a “if-then” perspective, to include fighting. nothing surprising or innovativing in that concept. it simply depends on the perspective. obviously ur thought process, specific to this blog, is different than mine.

  4. Nah, fights of any kind are not problem/solution environments, they are if/then environments. I challenge you to demonstrate your point as a matter of fact opposed to a concept…

  5. Good, and true point. Your analogy looks at the ‘manipulator’ (fighter), most specifically, over the manipulation (fight). Very much like strategizing experiences in life. Skills are essential to ‘reading’ a situation / encounter and setting a course. A good fighter (strategic thinker) is open to possibilities, allows interaction and anticipates the move(s) of his opponent within each, sometimes successfully, other times not. While prowess is critical to countering or setting the stage in readiness, if the mark is missed, a good fighter always gets back up, using the experience in preparation for the next. Without this ability, there is little point to being in the fight at all….and we miss out on the potential for future interaction and possibilities.

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