More than a thirst quencher

Water, which is crucial to our survival, has qualities that far transcend its most basic functions. Looking at some of its characteristics one realizes that is far more than a “thirst quencher”.

Water has the ability to adapt itself totally to its environment. When the temperature gets too high it becomes steam and it changes to ice when things are too cold. It can also change its shape to conform to that of the container. What is remarkable about water, is that it manages to maintain its identity under the most varied circumstances.

Water is everflowing and always manages to find its level. When something gets in the way, it goes around and takes the path of least resistance. On those occasions where an obstacle seems insurmountable, it steadily gains strength and force until it finally overcomes. There is an unyielding and steady effort that water generates which regards all obstacles, no matter how high or big, all thing in waters path are deemed temporary.

Calm water is like a mirror and gives a picture of all that is around. Conversely troubled waters only reflect the turmoil within. When a person approaches a problem with calm and composure then like the reflection on calm water he sees everything. So also when a problem causes turmoil then like the troubled water on confusion is seen. When it becomes agitated it becomes difficult to see, but if you allow it to settle, it all becomes clear.

Imagine an intellect as calm, a will as relentless and indomitable and a personality as adaptable as water and you will have envisioned a mind like water.

Imagine throwing a pebble into a still pond. How does the water respond? The answer is, totally appropriately to the force and mass of the input; then it returns to calm. It doesn’t overreact or under react.

Once you apply this methodology of thinking you will see desirable results.  Water is the fundamental of all life as we know it, it’s the strongest natural transparent substance we have, it covers 70% of our planet and it makes up about 60% of the human body.

For me this just affirms the power of water.  I haven’t quite mastered it as Bruce Lee has, but I definitely use water as my mental and physical guide – especially when I am fighting on all facets.


7 thoughts on “More than a thirst quencher

  1. I LOVE water. Nothing is better than the sensation of it on my body. It feels so natural. When I’m completely surrounded and emerged in water, it’s as if WE merge. There’s no feeling of wetness; rather, I’m simply aware of the RIGHTNESS. There’s an amazing and overwhelming feeling of comfort and security. It’s not a matter of relaxation– but an awakening of inner peace. All is well and good inside.

  2. I would offer that the mind of a seasoned leader parallels the qualities of water. Reflect back within your text with how you describe water in all its majestic form and you’ll find similar characteristics of a leader…persevering, adapting to circumstance, situation and need, and transcending, many times, his/her own needs to work through the issues at hand. Water adapts to surroundings — its container (the challenge at hand) in the same way a leader adapts to needs / challenges within his environment. The skill of transcending material / earthly circumstance and flexing to maintain flow is an art, one only talented, creative individuals possess. Inward reflection, intuitive practice and focus on the purpose and vision guide the journey and navigate the path — not always of least resistance, but most assuredly that which ensures success.

  3. ~Of the five elements, WATER is the one to be the most like it is the only element that can give back equally what it has the potential to take away..and it puts out —–>> FIRE, consumes things and creates a physical and chemical change that is irreversible. It takes. There are people who are like fire. Wind(the government) fuels fire, it can not be contained and only exists when you can feel it on your skin or see what is doing…like a ghost…or a person influencing your life indirectly. METAL is soooooo dependent…..can not change form without fire, it needs water and wind to cool. WOOD: Once it is changed it will never have its original form no matter what you do, you can make it into whatever you want. It cant even exist without WATER and does nothing without an outside influence. If left alone it will either die or stay in the same place for hundreds of years. WOOD is consumed by fire and held afloat and fed by water. And last but not least EARTH…….it is sooo vast, stationary, until blown by wind, or eroded by water or punctured by a sapling…..that will soon be WOOD. Its core is FIRE. ……….. I am WATER. ALL MOVING WATER TRAVELS IN THE SAME DIRECTION. ……..towards a larger body of WATER~

    ~ Victoria’s comment. SO RIGHT!

  4. wow, i love this! it is so true. Something we take so much for granted, & yet, it is just about as universal & wise as it gets. 🙂 everyone needs water… & everyone could learn a lesson or two from the water as well. My hat’s off to you, Dimitri, wonderfully insightful piece. thank you for sharing!

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