I know it hurts

This is a great visualization of what the person being broken up with may feel like.  I certainly know I have been there before.  I think a helpful tip in such scenarios is to have enough of “you” to love and to be defined.  This will help with not making their existence in your life the pinnacle of yours.

But no matter what, if someone breaks up with you and you love them it will hurt no matter what.

In addition if you can, remember they are breaking up with you b/c of something within them.  Try and think:  there are 300m people in the US.  If we remove the too old, the crazies, the weirdoes, the same sex, and all others that you would never be “happy” with; you are still mathematically compatible with at least 1% (300k) of people you can have a wonderful relationship with! 


3 thoughts on “I know it hurts

  1. Here are some reflections, related to this video, but more focused on the sincerity of one’s intimate feelings to another person. Specking for myself, when I say I love someone, it’s a reality that flows through every essence of my being. I imagine, if every cell that makes up “me” there would exist further scientific proof of this love. For me, there’s nothing superficial, nor swaying in this existence. I have found in some situations, that people feel as if there is a needed separation between one’s needs to do things without that significant other person. I agree with exploring process. True love doesn’t hinder or bar the partner, rather, it supports and encourages these exploration needs. Sure, it’s an understanding of these needs. However, nothing and no one exist within a vacuum–alone. Nature and life exist, thrive, and succeed in twos. Someone shared this bit of wisdom with me not long ago. The concept is right on target. You cannot have something without the complimentary something. There are billions of examples to illustrate this fact. Hate vs. love — east vs. west—have vs. have not. It’s the balance that is the core basis of life/living/being.
    I digress lol. Going back to the need of exploration and personal growth. These concepts are nothing new since the beginning of time. They are important and vital in the learning to know oneself—but also in learning of others. It’s not a 1 person journey; rather it is a shared journey. Love, support, and encouragement of others are part of this shared journey.
    These are my thoughts….as they enter and intermingle with personal experiences, the current love I have, and the desire to encourage and support someone.

  2. amking,

    Interesting response. I will challenge your reference to the concrete directional existence of East vs West to the non-concrete realm of Hate vs Love. Yes I agree that there is a direct opposite to anything in this existence, however I am remiss to understand how those can be compared to such a non-concrete event/feeling/action as “love”.

    You also noted that; “love is not a 1 person journey”…I ask why not? To support the reason for my question let’s say this:

    I feel as though I am truly in love with Girl X, but she doesn’t love me “back” either at this moment or ever. Isn’t my love for her at that point a one person journey? I don’t love her because I expect anything from her, or because she does/doesn’t love me back. The love I have for her is the love I chose to have for her. I assume love can be a collective journey but still only traveled at ones individual pace; thus an initial “1 person journey” correct?

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