Walking on dew sprinkled grass

Barefoot Natural walking must be done barefoot. That is the way that humans walked for many thousands of years prior to the invention of footwear. Barefoot walking utilizes the feet entirely while shoes restrict some of the natural movement of the feet. Shoes and footwear, since they are man-made, cannot be considered as natural. We are not born with shoes on and have to adapt to wearing them. In addition to restricting some of the natural movement of the feet, shoes cut off the range of sensory ability of the feet and cut down on the sensory pleasures of contacting the grass and earth. Shoes also are often are the cause of blisters, overheating, fungus, foot injuries, and pain.

With summer in my mind, I want to walk on the grass with my bare feet. To leave the city behind, I only need the sensation of the fresh leaves of grass between my toes. Then comes the memory of an immemorial happiness. I too long to feel the grass growing over me.

To walk on dew sprinkled grass feels like having cool soft kisses on the bottom of your feet and toes. To walk on dew sprinkled grass is like having a really good friend. The friend listens, the friend is compassionate, the friend hugs you and the friend speaks to you as you speak to them. When you slide your toes to advance forward, the friend carries your every step with a cool cushioned landing. The friend doesn’t care where your feet were before now, the friend doesn’t care how far you walked to get to them, the friend just cleanses your feet of the bad steps made before getting to them.

Then the big treat! To lay next to your friend, tickling your neck and your ears just wet enough to cool your body from you heat stricken core – wonderful!

After you walk with your friend, your feet are refreshed, clean and you feel like you can take a million more steps. I love my friend, the dew sprinkled grass, I cannot wait for my next walk with you


One thought on “Walking on dew sprinkled grass

  1. Connections are what give meaning to who we are and how we feel — each experience what we allow it to be, and each a door to the next. We must only allow ourselves the vulnerability of removing our ‘shoes’ to open the door to exploration. Your metonymy of dew sprinkled grass is a beautiful analogy to the pleasures meant to be explored. A simple stroll along a canal quieted by night and lit only by a star speckled sky — the beauty evoked can be orgasmic if receptive to the possibilities.

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