Ambient Reflections

Reflections are neato because they do not retain the image only the energy of its source. Reflections occur in all matter but are more prominent in transparent media such as glass and water. It’s amazing how the most transparent of materials can provide us such insight. The property I find most intriguing about reflections is that they only pertain to the present; not the past or the future.

This brings me the question: why do we “reflect” on things and when we do why does it correlate to past memories? I know this is probably more of a rhetorical question however, I wonder.

As I have said for a while, time, like all other things is not linear – its cyclical. So why do we draw a line beginning from the past and ending in the future? We all say that all events (storms, music, clothes and even life) are cycles but we measure them on this linear gauge.

The use of a simple mirror or flat of water can inspire sooo much thought and inner focus. The physical properties are used to look into your mental self. If we could just some use a mental mirror when the physical one wasn’t around, I think it would awaken a higher level of consciousness. A level of consciousness that would have us behave differently toward each other.

A reflection is way to look both into your physical and mental person for the moment, at that moment.

I personally think that if we all had “reflections” instead of shadows the world would be a much better place.


One thought on “Ambient Reflections

  1. I would argue that we do have a path to mental reflection — a visual pathway through our ‘mind’s eye’. For many, not all, this is a powerful way to travel through visual and experiential reflection of past experiences. I would further argue the power, or ability, to tap this reflective pathway lies in one’s own inner comfort or connection to feelings and emotions. Being comfortable in your own skin, so to speak, allows mental journeys backwards and, even forward, in our lives. It says we aren’t afraid to ‘dance’ through the experiences life offers — how we connect with and interact with others. Life is more fun if your dance card is full!

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