The zoo

So I took myself to the zoo Friday, it was the first time I have ever been to a zoo in my entire life.  It was amazing to see all of the animals in “real life”.  On the other hand it was kind of sad.  I paid $13.50 to watch a Polar Bear in 87 degree weather try to find shade. 😦

It was somewhat surreal to see all of the animals in “real life” that I normally only saw via printed or digital media.  They are BIG and beautiful.  God definitely had all of this figured out.  For me the Rhinos and the Ostridge were most “dinosaur-like”.  I saw exotic plants, and tried to be as still as the bearded dragon – I lost the stare down!

I also got to touch a shark, they are crazy soft and UBER strong! 

Looking at some of the animals was somewhat saddening.  Sometimes I felt as if I could “feel” their pain, confusion and thoughts.  That became apparent when I observed the elephants, the giraffe, the rhinos, the Koalas and the moneys.  As I watched them and caught their eyes, sound almost became nil and the air that touched my face seem to whisper their voices into my ear.  It was like they speak through the wind.  I am being kissed by the same sun they are, and their family is cooled by the same air that dry’s my humid body, it was as if it was just me and them.

It sucks to have once be free and now bound or constricted to a space so restrictive (especially the birds).  Even though most of those animals are born into captivity, the laws of nature and instinct are strong at work.  As Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park, “You cannot hold nature; it will find away”.

If you have time, you should watch a  DVD set called “Earth”.  It displays some regions of Earth NEVER before filmed, it shows some species of animals that became extinct before the series was finished – I implore you to watch it and cherish this precious place in which we dwell.

It was an amazing experience and I aspire to go back soon.


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