Another wasted love story…

It fascinates me how people can go from being madly in love to nothing.  Break up, break down, drink up, fool around. Meet one chick then another then fuck around to forget about the one and only. Then after a few months of total emptiness start to look around to desperately try and find true love to finally that one as the true love…

Crazy cycle huh?  And yet it’s a cycle that every human has to participate in.


2 thoughts on “Another wasted love story…

  1. Great question Hana, I am not sure. I can only surmise its b/c love or its existence cannot be taught for it is not logical – only emulated. Love can only be experience and felt. Nothing one can say, do, or exemplify can ever truly define love. Hell even if one could “teach” love, it wouldn’t apply anyway because love is different for all.

    In addition, the one of the other issues I have identified is: we use the term too loosely. We have watered down the term with over use, in appropriates use, and even malicious intent. So now it doesn’t mean as much. I personally promised myself that I would not use the word until EVERY letter of it meant something significant.

    Sometimes we want to be loved sooo bad, we yearn so deep, and/or we are so hurt from the past that the first little thing that comes by we claim as love – this isn’t good. It’s very important to (as best as possible) understand/love one’s self BEFORE trying to share your love with someone else. This will provide a foundation of self worth and love that will not be compromised if something does happen to go wrong in a relationship.

    I am not sure that love actually hurts, I think it’s the person behind it that hurts us.

    I do know that it’s ALL very complex!

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