Very perplexed – WTF!?

Please excuse my generalization as I profess my upcoming point!

Wow, you women are a trip.  You want honesty, you want faithfulness, you want romanticism, you want your man to be sweet but strong, you want him to clean but not scared to get dirty, when he wants it you want him to take it…and then once your “lucky” enough get it all you throw it away!

You complain as to how the aforementioned man is far and few between, if not a dream for some of you – but again once one of those men appears, you flake out.

You get a guy that wants to share his heart with you, his life with you and build something with you, but you don’t want to stick around and build with him.  You want the big house don’t want to help with the foundation, you want to drive the Mercedes but don’t want to ride in the bucket to get to the Mercedes dealership; ain’t that a bitch!?  Everything is a process, anything that takes time to build/create is worth keeping.  Nothing in this world that is “add water and stir” will ever last!

This is just an affirmation that you don’t know a good man until the next man shits on you.  You mean to tell me that you have 9 out of 10 things from this man, outside of his “portfolio” and you can’t take the time to build it together – you would rather risk a chance on the next guy – WOW! That’s a confidence booster for a man that has already blessed you with his heart – go figure.

You take hearts as if they are owed to you.  Let me enlighten you, hearts are gifts GIVEN to you…don’t abuse them and treat them with extreme care.  Some of yall take better care of your clothes than the men’s hearts you have been given!

I am convinced you woman don’t want a good man, your sooo used to losing that you don’t know a winner when you see one – and you wonder how a sweet man turns sour very quickly.  I think you all need to get your mind right before you express what you  “think” you want, because in the end YOU are the liar.

I am perplexed =?*@!&*!!!!


2 thoughts on “Very perplexed – WTF!?

  1. Sounds as though you are harboring some angst You have to let go of the past to enjoy the present, and future.

  2. I concur, sometimes letting go is like throwing out an old pair of shoes. We get used to the pain and somewhat comfortable with it. BUT there is nothing like the feeling of a new pair!

    So yea, I am all over it!!

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