Being Sick!

To be “sick” means to be mentally impaired below the standards or normalcy and/or; to be physically impaired below the standards of normalcy. But to be sick is completely normal!

So I just got over a 4 day stint being sick – heat index of 102/103, dehydration and server temple migraines. It’s amazing that once your immune system is compromised your mind regresses to you and your inner thoughts.

The initial tenure of me being sick was annoying because I had “stuff” to do and I couldn’t get it done.  I received countless phone calls from clients demanding their services and professing to me how their project is of the upmost importance. Another example of how they are always first and how you really don’t matter to them no matter what gleaming rack record you have preserved in the past.

I am a progressive thinker so, I didn’t harp on what I wasn’t able to do for those sick moments but more what I am going to do once the unsick moment is presented again. Laying there in my own sweat, in darkness (frozen vegetables on my head), chills, and throbbing head I kept wondering about the outside.  I kept wondering what the weather was like, if it was cool or warm, windy or still.  I wondered if anyone missed me or wondered about me. I stopped emplaning on them and missing my clients deadlines and letting them down and decide to think about me.  Until once reaches the point of mental/physical compromise you tend to think that you are invincible or at least I did to some degree.  As if  I have some higher grade of immune system, some intelligent kick ass virus kicking cells, or just  a plethora of anal retentive rituals that have prolonged my streak of unsickness-ness.

Anyway, I think getting sick is a unconsciously precept brought to fruition via a seemingly physical/mental compromise. It’s my inner self trying to tell me more about me, trying to show me new limits, trying to tell me it’s time for me to love me better.


2 thoughts on “Being Sick!

  1. I went past the old store yesterday, and say that it was closed. I was in shock because I didn’t expect it.

    I’ll be the first to tell you that God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the things we think we need are the exact things that God himself is trying to keep us away from.

    I know I thought I was supposed to be in business. I thought I was be the next big mogul myself, and it wasn’t until I failed time and time again that I began to rethink what I really wanted out of life.

    After taking a step back, I realized that it never was money. In all reality, I’m not that kind of person. Really, the only think I want is a family…wonderful children…nice vacations…experience new things. Money, in my deepest thoughts, are so far down on the list it isn’t funny.

    I learned a lesson so strong today that I feel the need to pass it on. I learned about blessings and curses. It’s been on my mind for quite some time now (about ten months to be exact). How is it that some people travel through life effortlessly and others must struggle for any good thing that comes their way?

    The good ol’ blessings and curses. I’ve been on both sides of the coin. I’ve been at points where I just seemed blessed. I’m talking about the kind of blessing where it seemed that all I had to do was claim something and it was mine. Then, I have been (and still seem to be) in a period where I have to fight for anything I dream.

    So what gives? Why do some fight and some just touch? I honestly believe it is a direct correlation of how we live our lives. There is a consequence for every decision we make. Whatever I do, however I treat someone, whatever I don’t do, I will receive a blessing or a curse.

    I learned that it never comes instantaneously. There is always a “delayed reaction,” if you will. So even if you do something that you know screws someone else over or brings shame to God, it’ll come to you later. And that’s the worst type of situation.

    It’s the worst because even if you have forgotten about what you’ve done, you’ll still have to “face the music,” usually when you least expect it.

    What I know for sure? That I’m going to live my life like I have some sense. I was so impulsive. Anything, anybody I wanted, I just went after it. I never fully considered the ramifications of my actions, and then, when I least expected it…BAM! I was hit with my consequence. Everything I’ve done isn’t negative, and as I’ve said, I have been blessed beyond measure in my life. But I have fallen short.

    I used to complain and throw pity parties about down times in my life. Then I realized that it was a time of reflection for me. Previously, if I were never given this time, I’d never stop and think about how my actions effect my future.

    I know I’ve made some wrong turns in my life, and I’m at a point now where I have to make a U-turn back on the right path. It’s a scary turn. There are many uncertain turns, but the thought of living my life outside the will of God frightens me more.

    I’ll stick with the uncertainty because I understand that God’s powers are infinite. See, I honestly feel that the caterpillar is one of the most disgusting looking creatures alive. Not only that, but it scoots around on its belly. Time, however, has a way of turning caterpillars (and people) into butterflies.

    What I know for sure about you? You are one of the most intellectual, creative, brilliant, forward-thinking people I have ever met in my whole life. You have the gumption you need to be anything you want to be.

    There are many things that I wanted to do in my life, but I didn’t have the confidence to do. You took an idea that was planted in your head and made it a reality, and for that, I stand in awe. If you ever lost that, I would be disappointed.

    I would tell you that the biggest hinderance holding you back from succeeding is you. You understand the importance of the customer, but you don’t understand the importance of you coming into the marriage of a business as a whole person. In essence, anything that happens in your life that is great enough to effect your finances will effect your business.

    Take the time to better understand you because in better understanding you, you better understand what makes a business. You are the business. You determine how successful you’ll be.

    How do I know this? Look around, anything that wasn’t man-made was created by a human being. There were plenty of people who told the person “no” (I’m sure). There is a story behind anything you see. Everyone has a story. Everyone has hardships, no matter how blessed the person may be.

    The power of thought is miraculous. It can transform a school, a city, a nation, a world. And it all starts with a thought in the mind. Can you imagine it? If you can it can be.

    No one said it would be easy. The three precious perals that most moguls use? Brains, Power and Hustle. Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, couldn’t cut it in college. He surely dropped out. He flipped that thing all around to be (well, was) the richest man in the world. Oprah Winfrey (the richest black woman and most hated…ironically) was sexually abused by several family members and family friends. She had a baby at thirteen, and went flip mode on them when her mother made her move with her father. He made her provide him with book reports every day. She used the power of knowledge to power her jet steam. And Jay-Z (who coins himself the ultimate hustler) sold thousands of CD’s out of his trunk before he got a record deal.

    Moguls are just people who were willing to pay whatever price against all odds. You’ve got to know that you will triumph in the end no matter what it looks like right now.

    Make amends with the things of you past that you haven’t dealt with, let go of what hasn’t worked, and step boldly into your future with God’s direction, a mustard seed of faith, and self-determination.

    Don’t give up. You’d let me down.

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