My WINd – (note to self)

The wind never dies, it only changes direction, speed and the height it blows.  Sometimes our sails are too short to reach into the air stream, I know I need to remast and face my sails windbound.

Hell even too much wind can damage a ship.  After trial and error, I will get the formula needed to have fruitful journey’s.  I know I have a mighty vessel capable of the defying many trends of normalcy, accomplishing the seemingly impossible and conquering all opposition.

I just went through a pretty bad storm, my navigation was off.  Many of you jummped off to get on other ships – you cowards!  Your success will only be as great as your fear of “bad weather”.

I don’t fret, my wind is coming very, very soon – I just need to repair my ship and adjust my sails.  My WIN will be in my WINd 🙂


One thought on “My WINd – (note to self)

  1. Life’s journey’s are often full of wind and blustering. Learning to navigate, stand firm, stand strong and knowing when to bend will always get you through. Knowing when to say I need the Lord’s help is always triumpful. This alone will always get you through and will at times carry you without you realizing your wind.

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