Psychic phenomena of all kinds offer further examples of what we suppose are uniquely human expressions of our connection to the Universe. They are obviously related to spiritual connections in an “antiestablishment” way, an “Undernet” of intensely personal experiences of connectivity. I have myself experienced them on at least one memorable occasion; it was for me an experience of pure connection, a “state” of knowledge, explicitly manifest in my own mind in very concrete images.

These personal experiences must forever lie outside the range of scientific analysis, since the essence of science is its repeatability on demand by other observers; no personal experience of this kind can be repeated at will even by the one who reports it, much less by others. This says nothing about their reality however, only that they are personal experiences of connection, not replicable by definition, hence not susceptible to “scientific” analysis or validation.

I have come to believe, that psychic phenomena of many kinds (not all kinds) are real experiences of the wholeness, integrity, connectivity, and conservation function of the Cosmos.

Genius lies in an exceptional quality of connectivity; madness lies in either its absence or an overexposure. Quantum physics is telling us there are physical phenomena of connectivity we do not yet understand; I am quite sure there are corresponding emergent properties of our minds in terms of connectivity that we also do not understand.

They may well be the harbinger of a new evolutionary state of consciousness, a higher connectivity, attempting to break through the barrier of mental instability into normal mental health, a process we have been through before, long ago when our species discovered death and the abstraction of spiritual connection in the Garden of Nature.

Sometimes and often these precursors to connectivity are skewed by our educational and social upbringing.  We often unconsciously build emotional walls that either keep our connection in or others connection out.  This can be attributed to observed and learned behavior.  As we age, reaffirm those mental synapse and it becomes a harder process to unlearn or undo.

I assume the first thing is to know that a wall/block exists – now let’s try and figure out how to get around it so that connections can be made anew or reestablished.  One of the issues is that sometimes Rule One (self preservation) inherently overrides some very fundamental and much needed connections.  Social parameters, financial impact, and physical conditions all play a factor in our connections and their strength.

I personally have some connections that I missed that I didn’t know I was missing.  I want to strengthen those connects and make them anew and stronger than before.

Today – let it all begin.


One thought on “Connections

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