Love and Will

Love is not an emotion. Love is will – it’s the will to do whatever it takes to meet your companions needs without a second thought (of course all performed without violating Rule One – self preservation).

I say this because some days you don’t “feel” like loving just as you don’t feel like taking out the trash, paying bills, or even cooking for yourself. It’s the “will” of such that’s powers our actions. To prove my point observe this example:

Feelings are reactions to something that has been experienced or taken place already. It is humanly impossible to “feel” a certain way about something unless it has been experienced. Will is the preemptive acknowledgement that something “will” be executed prior to its conception. Will is also more of a state of mind opposed to chemical cocktails being produced by the brain. How do you like them cookies?

It is that very will that governs the intensity in which we do/view things. This all points back to my strong believe in – mind over matter. Once you have the “will” you have the power.  If you “will it” then it will happen.

Well folks, “will” is what I deem to be one of the fundamental dynamics of love. So looking at it “my” way – who do you love?


10 thoughts on “Love and Will

  1. To the contrary…!
    Love is an emotion…
    An emotion is “an affective state of consciousness in which something causes or there is a cause for a reaction” and by your definition, “Feelings are reactions to something that has been experienced or taken place already.”
    Feeling is emotion; is it not?
    If I am understanding correctly…love is something of will…we have the power to control it as we do our emotions/feelings in general.
    I don’t agree that love is will. The will is…to do whatever it takes to cause the person to love you back. I.e. evoking an emotion within them…a cause for reaction (love).
    To agree…to a degree…!
    Love is actually an innate scene of need…according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs anyway. Do you are agree that things innate are not of will but of nature and without the consequence of human manipulation?
    If so love is the thing that causes the reaction and is in fact not an emotion but something transcendent of human emotion and of will! It just is and again…the will is to do what it takes to secure it in return!

  2. Ah, but I beg to differ. Love is not will. Will implies omnipotence….it may, at times, feel as if love is power, but not in the sense that will implies. Love is much more a sensory experience — a range of attitudes, feelings, emotions that are both romantic and nonsexual depending on circumstance and experience. In the romantic sense, there is an ineffable feeling that better guides the intercourse. Throughout there will be peaks and valleys, but true love accepts and navigates through each experience. If true love, willing yourself to let go may not be as easy as your narration implies. We love to experience and share, not to control…

  3. Love more of a sensory experience? I don’t agree. To me, love is all in your head. Sensory would mean that love is touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.

    Of course love can be perceived via those mediums but love is not the medium its self. For example, I can be blind and light years away from you. I meet you randomly on a radio channel. We communicate for years and “fall in love”. I do not love your voice, I love your personality and the thoughts you have painted my mind with. I love your concepts and ideas. There is nothing sensory about that – it’s all mental.

    But in all actuality, continuance of this endless conversation would be almost futile. Love is perceived by the observer – this is what makes love so unique and amazing. It’s also what powers fulfilling relationships.

  4. Your closing paragraph evokes a safe path. But, for the sake of exploration, to experience love, you must use your senses to fully engage all there is to offer. Love isn’t the medium, I concur. You are taking my thoughts in the absolute literal context, not intended to be. If love is purely in your head, what about the feeling, the smell, the sounds evoked with the experience? Just my thoughts…an argument does not exist.

  5. Love is not a feeling. Feelings evolve from love, but they are not all encompassing of love. Love can come in many forms but the fundamental of all the types of love is that it takes work. Sure the feeling of love might be there effortlessly, but the actions of love take time and patience and selflessness. The action of love is the extent in which you are willing to go to make the other person happy. Too often we get caught up in the feeling of love that we forget the actions that need to follow up. So Dimitri, I concur. Love is will.

  6. True understanding needs to go beyond the surface words and explore depth of meaning / interpretation. Love is much more than will (an intent / purpose), rather a compilation of the intangible.

  7. Interesting Satch, glad you agree. Vic, not sure I am tracking with you…are you still contending that you think is NOT will?

  8. Yes, I am still contending your perception that love is not will. I am saying that you are taking single words in their literal meaning rather than examining the totality in which they are written…once you are ‘in love’ with someone and/or ‘love’ them (lol), then will can guide interaction but not until that point. You don’t will yourself to fall in love. Love is a compilation of so things — much of which are intangible.

  9. Victoria, if “words” are the only way to express an intangible concept, how else can I surmise my assumptions/conclusions? In addition, totality when explaining an unscientific concept, is subjective anyway.

    We could spend all day debating the meaning of such words to describe such an illusive concept…

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